Lab Calendar

Group Meeting

  • 【Time】 SAT 2pm

  • 【Location】生物技术馆二楼会议室2-201 (or 一楼2-105)

  • Group Meeting Schedule @ Tencent Docs

    • 5min paper - Upload to TsinghuaCloud: Lu Lab Shared/2.PDF - Literature Reading/5min Papers (public link)

    • Project PPT - Upload to TsinghuaCloud: Lu Lab Shared/3a.PPT - Project Presentation

    • JC PPT - Upload to TsinghuaCloud: Lu Lab Shared/3b.PPT - Journal Club (public link)

  1. Upload in advance: PDFs of 5’paper and PPTs of presentation

  2. Prepare in advance: seats and presentation show

Subgroup (Project) Meetings

  1. Upload/email in advance: Before the meeting, please upload report files to TsinghuaCloud (Lu Lab Shared/1.Project Progress) or email the link/files in advance (before 9am).

  2. Summarize afterwards: After the meeting, please write down detailed minutes and future plan.


  • 小组会的 ppt 等书面结果尽量提前上传清华云。

    • 如果没有清华云,可以 email 文件给PI;

    • 如果不习惯清华云,有自己的笔记软件或者云盘组织自己的工作结果也很好,可以每次小组会前email 链接给PI;

    • 如果忘了,亡羊补牢也不晚,记得会后上传和/或email。

Lab Calendars

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  • MAC APP: Outlook, Calendar

  • iPhone APP: Outlook, Calendar

  • Android APP: Outlook, etc

Holiday Calendars


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  • 中国节日: webcal://

  • US Holidays: webcal://